WTHR : The Simplest Weather App For iPhone

Are you looking for a weather app for iPhone that doesn’t look like a control room of a weather station ?. Well you know what i am talking about, most of the weather apps for iPhone have soo much information on screen thats it gets pretty confusing to check the weather conditions for a user.

What does a user expect basically from an iphone weather app ? , weather forecast for the current day and the coming 6 days at max, plus its sometimes good to know humidity levels. But if we take a look at the most popular weather apps, they display the basic temperature forecasts but also stuff soo much other information like wind direction, speed, dew point, pressure blah blah!

Its good for you if you are an atmospheric scientist but a normal user doesnt need such detailed weather information, they simply want the weather forecast and temperature. So we found a very simplistic weather app for iPhone that doesn’t take much of your time just to check the weather conditions.

Simplest weather app for iPhone

WTHR when pronounced is listened as weather, so thats with the naming thing. WTHR is a minimalistic iPhone weather app which is based on Dieter Rams 10 principles of design which essentially highlights that a product should be innovative, useful, understandable, less and better design etc, and the same principles are well applied on this iphone weather app.

This iPhone WTHR app will display the most important factors a regular user requires on daily basis. It shows the current local weather, 7 days forecast and the temperatures can be seen in fahrenheit & celsius. It uses the GPS on iPhone to determine your current location and display weather accordingly.

A user basically doesn’t have to do anything except launching the WTHR app for iphone and all the most essential weather info will be displayed right away. If you feel you are not getting updated weather stats then just tap the refresh button in center and to toggle the temperature readings between fahrenheit or celsius just flip the switch.

To get this innovative weather app for iphone you just have to shell out $0.99, its not much considering it might save you from getting wet some day.

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