The Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is a tough and durable glass that is used nowdays in many of the gadgets and smartphones, while others devices still use the normal scratch resistant glass which protects the display from damage but not for long. If you own a smartphone then you must know how important it is to protect the display glass from scratch damage. The most preferred way of protecting the display screen from scratch damage is using a screenguard or the scratchguard. Its the first thing we do when we get a new smartphone or a gadget after all its the cheapest solution and we dont mind spending a little for the screen protectot. But what about the new devices which are installed with Gorilla Glass, we heard its tough and hard to scratch but do we really need a scratchguard if you have a device with Gorilla Glass?

The Gorilla Glass is developed by a company named Cornering Inc, it claims that their patented Gorilla Glass is highly damage resistant, lightweight and visually appealing than any other glass used in similar devices. The Cornering Gorilla Glass is used by over 30 major brands and in more than 500 product models like the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S II, Desire HD, EVO 3D. Its in your smartphone, tablets, PC,s and TVs, protecting them from everyday wear and tear.

The Gorilla Glass Advantage

Gorilla glass is made up of a unique composition with a high compressive stress layer created via ion-exchange process which makes the glass extremely tough and damage resistant.

  • Gorilla Glass is exceptionally tougher which makes it shock proof and can withstand accidental phone drops, if you dont have the Gorilla Glass your screen will most probably end up shattered.
  • A special coating keeps your screen free from from dust particles, greasy fingers or fingerprints, some of it is still unavoidable but still less visible than on oleophobic surfaces.
  • The Gorilla Glass is more resistant to damage in everyday use then any other scratch-resistant glass. Due to its high quality glass and unique composition it can better resist the everyday wear and tear, scratches.
  • The glass has a unique shine and clear visibility which adds to the appeal of your favourite gadget. It is also thin and lightweight which allows the manufacturers to make a sleeker and lighter device.

If you have a Gorilla Glass on your device and wondering if you should use a screenguard then here is what you should know. Some users mistake Gorilla Glass as a scratchless glass, which is not true, it’s simply has a better, greater resistance against everyday damage than any other scratch-resistant glass which makes it more durable than others. Having a Gorilla Glass does not mean its indestructable. It can get scratched with sharp objects or if you put your keys and the device in same pocket the glass can be damaged. But the Gorilla Glass does not get shattered easily since its very tough and flexible. While the oleophobic screen on iPhone 4 is also appealing but it can get scratched very easily and shattered in no time if you drop your iPhone.

Conclusion :

The Gorilla Glass is not completely scratchless but will not get easily scratched or damaged like any other glass. The screenguards are cheap, and accidental scratch damages do happen so why risk your expensive device, invest in a screenguard and be safe, you can always remove it if you dont like the feel and one thing is for sure Gorilla Glass can sustain accidental drops so you dont have to worry about glass shattering.

See how the Gorilla Glass actually performs during the stress tests.

Gorilla Glass Demonstration from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

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