Spezify: A Visually Appealing Search Engine.

Google is the most popular search engine when you need to dig out some information on the internet. Almost all the search engines display the search results in a common paragraph formatted way. What if the search results are displayed in a visually appealing pattern?, wouldn’t it be great.

Spezify is a search engine which displays visually appealing relevant search results, it displays all the search results in a single window which look like they are scattered all over and then you can browse through search results just by a single click and moving the mouse around.

Spezify shows you Photos, Text, Music, Video, Tweets and even Facebook Statuses relevant to your search. As you can see i searched for the term iPhone and it shows the related search results, which includes images, music, tweets and text from the webpages.

The distinct feature of this amazing search tool is that the search results are totally different everytime you make a search. You can even save a favourite by simply clicking the result and the star button or if you wish to hide or filter a particular type of search result such as images, tweets, music or videos you can do that by clicking the hide buttons visible in the top right corner.

Spezify sources its search results from Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Flickr and Soundcloud. After using Spezify search engine i must say that the search results are quite unique. Search using Spezify is just like searching scattered photos on a table, you just love shuffling with the search results. Spezify cannot replace Google Search but its a great idea which is fun and discovering.

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