Make Photo Collage On Your Android Phone

A Photo Collage is a great way to share the memorable and priceless moments of your life. Making a Photo Collage is useful because it allows you to show all your selected photos in one place and presenting them in an appealing manner. You can select few of your favourite photos from your trip or an occasion and create a photo collage easily on your Android Phone. We hardly use the digital cameras ,the android smartphones camera quality have eased our job, our smartphones is with us all the time. Capturing photos, creating collages and sharing them with your friends and family right from your android phone is really quick and convenient.

You dont need to use a PC to create a photo collage. Today we share with you a few Android Apps to create a photo collage in minutes.

Best Android Apps to create a Photo Collage


Photo Grid App

PhotoGrid lests you easily convert your photos into a photo collage. The simple UI lets you choose from five different type of patterns and then add and arrange your photos as per your liking. You can even add a border to your photo collage and when its final save it to your phone or share it on facebook, twitter etc. Try it out.

Download Photo Grid App from Android Market (Free)

Super Collage

Another great app to make photo collage on your android phone. Select and add photos, choose a background or a just a colour, add border to individual photos on the collage and your photo collage is ready. The app supports android phones and tablets.

Download Super Collage App from Android Market (Free)

Photos Wall

Quickly create photo collages, the photos are scattered randomly, use customized templates and styles, add frame and backgroud. If you like to change the arrangement of photos simply shake the device.

Download Photos Wall App from Android Market (Free)

PhotoShake! Pro

One of the best paid apps to create customized photo collage on your android phone. Its a powerful android app which allow you to choose different patterns, add frames, rezise, rotate and scale photos, add image filters and one great feature is that you can add messages to your collage as it also allows you to add word ballons and stickers. It supports many social media platforms to share your collage, you can share it on facebook, twitter, fickr, picasa, tumblr, blogger etc, and last but not the least simply shake the phone to create a random collage. There is also a free version of Photoshake! android app but the options are limited.

Download PhotoShake! Pro App from Android Market (Paid)

Pictures do talk, creating a photo collage of your moments and sharing it with your friends and family is just another way to keep those precious moments alive.

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