Kik Messenger – The Fastest Free Messenger App for Smartphones

Kik Messenger app for smartphones is emerging as one of the best cross platform messenger among users who communicate mostly over instant messenger. Whatsapp Messenger is the most widely used instant messenger on smartphones but users begin to find alternatives soon, as its free for only first year and $0.99 per year thereafter on android & the same price on iOS. Paying such a small amount may not be a problem but not everyone has a credit card at their disposal.

Why pay when you can get the best cross platform im for free?. Kik Messenger app is absolutely free and it has all the features of whatsapp, the most awesome thing about Kik messenger is that its the fastest instant messenger for smartphones, the messages are delivered to the recipient at the speed of light. Don’t believe me try it your self.

Get the advantage of multiple platforms, doesn’t matter if your friends use iPhone, android phone or a windows phone. Kik Messenger is available for all the major mobile platforms. Chat with your friends, share media for free.

  • iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Windows Phone
  • Android Phone
  • Nokia Symbian Anna & Belle devices
  • Blackberry

Why Kik Messenger is the best cross platform messenger ?

Kik Messenger is the perfect facebook messenger & whatsapp alternative. Facebook messenger is too slow in sending and receiving messages, while whatsapp has a lot of features but is not available for non mobile devices such as iPod Touch and still stays a paid app. You also dont need to reveal your contact number to users like in whatsapp, simply use the Kik username to add each other.

Some of the most essential features are included in Kik like Group chat, Media sharing, message sent, delivered & received indicator. Besides this you can install addon apps to make messages special like drawing a sketch in the message, sending greeting card, share any file format, videos, share your current location and there is also an addon for finding new friends on Kik.

Kik has the simplest interface to make your experience better yet has all the features at the tap of a button. Here is a short list of things you can do inside Kik messenger:

  • Check the timestamp of a message by holding your finger on a message bubble.
  • Enable sending message by pressing the enter key instead of the send button in settings for convenience.
  • Emoticons speak more than words, quickly send emoticons in a conversation by tapping the + key.
  • Miss a friend?. Invite a friend your contacts, email, or someone from your social networks. Being multi platform messenger they wont have problem connecting to your in Kik.
  • Easily block unwanted & annoying Kik contacts.
  • Dont like the chat bubble colour?, choose another one that pleases your eyes from the settings.

I bet you will love Kik Messenger over traditional sms, whatsapp, facebook messenger or whatever instant messenger app you have been using up til now. It has 19 million users and counting, Kik Messenger wins over every IM app for smartphones and other non mobile devices. Its a fast and reliable free instant messenger app that has everything simple to Kik an instant conversation with your friends.

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