HTC One Slow Charging Problem

buy htc oneHTC One is a gorgeous android phone, infact its been crowned as one of the best android smartphone in the market. I gave up my iPhone 4s being mesmerised by the Htc One design, 4 Ultrapixel camera and the specifications.

Since i am an intense smartphone user, i often require to charge my phone at work. Smartphone gaming, skype video chatting,watching videos on youtube suck up the battery pretty fast and i dont like a drained battery at the end of the day. So i decided to keep the original htc one charger at work and use the after market capdase charger with same current specifications as the original one for home.

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The HTC One Charging Problem

htc one slow charging speed

Surprisingly the htc one charging time took 6 hours to reach 100% from 20% battery using the capdase charger. The phone was charging extremely slow and i thought the adapter was faulty or is it a battery problem?. But apparently when i charged my phone with the original HTC One charger the phone charged in nearly 2 hours which is quite fair considering it has a 2300 mAh battery. So why there is HTC One charging problem with non HTC chargers?

The HTC One chargerhas the output stated 5v ~ 1Amp and the same rating is specified on the aftermarket capdase charger i used, but there is a huge difference in charging time due to the fact that HTC One recognises the non htc charger connected as USB.

USB Charging is basically very slow due to trickle charge, when the phone is connected to a USB charging on a laptop or computer it receives current lesser than the original charger, thus it can take several hours to charge a phone battery.

So even if you use a good branded after market charger with same specifications it may recognise it as USB charging and your phone will charge in like 5 ~ 6 hours from the lowest point.

Charging your HTC One

With HTC device you have to use the original charger to charge the device at a proper rate and quickly. Though even with the original HTC charger the phone will charge fast upto 99% and then the remaining 1% will take a bit more time.

You need to take good and proper care of your HTC one while charging since the battery isnt replacable. Never let the phone battery drain completely, charge at aproximately 20% and never use a cheap or incorrect charger for your phone, always prefer original chargers and this goes for every other smartphone as well.

How To Check Charging Mode On HTC One?

Htc One charging light will glow red when connected to power, now if you are using a correct charger the phone should show as AC charging mode which will be fast else it will display charging in USB mode i.e slow charging.

Go to Settings > Power > and notice the info on the top left corner.

htc one usb-ac charging

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