How To Speed Up a Slow Android Phone

Android mobile phone users around the world are growing rapidly, a wide range of android mobiles are available in the market from cheaper ones with lower specs to the pricey ones with robust specifications. Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive android phone so they settle for a budget android phone which comes as a value for money for them.

Some users notice their android phone runing slower over the time, a slow android phone can be very irritating. The primary reason behind a android phone running slower and lagging is due to its limited specification i.e limited RAM and a slow CPU. Dont blame the phone or Android OS, you got the best product for the price you paid. The problem arises when you start stuffing your phone with every app you find interesting on the android market which eventually results in consumption of excessive RAM and high CPU usage.

The solution to a slow android phone is to free up a reasonable amount of RAM and remove junk apps that you might never use. This gives your android phone a breathing space to perform essential tasks and run apps without a hiccup. You just need to know a few tricks to make your android phone run faster and have a better experience on Android OS.

Tips to rescue a slow android phone

So we told you above the reasons that act as a bottleneck in the smooth performance of your android phone, here are a few ways to speed up a slow android phone.

Remove unused Android applications

This basically applies to other mobile OS too, do not over stuff your phone with apps and games, uninstall of all such android apps which you never use. Ususaly we install an app from android market and if we dont like it we just leave it right there, there are lots of free apps and games on the android market to try out, but its much better to keep only those apps which are useful to you and uninstall all the unnecessary apps. I use to make the same mistake untill i realized that there were still some processes running in the background which were related to unused apps.

Manage Homescreen icons

To make your android phone run faster make sure you keep only the most essential or freqently used android app icons on the homescreen and also reduce the number of homescreens if you have more than five homescreens on your android phone and lower is even better. If you wish to quicky access any app then you can do so using the search function. Press and hold the menu key and enter the name of the app, the app will pop up in the search results , tap it to run.

Close idle apps running in background

Multitasking is one of the features of Android OS, you can run and switch between multiple apps running in background, it sure speeds up things. But after that if you leave the apps running in background then its going to drain your battery more quickly and make your phone run sluggish since it will continuously use you cpu and occupy ram. So you should always close the apps running in background to free up resources.

Turn off Animations

This is a very effective way to speed up your slow android phone, turn off the animations and you will instantly notice a quicker performance on your android phone. Android animation effects can be turned off under display settings, simply press the menu button > settings > display > animations > turn off animation.

Remove unnecessary widgets from homescreen

Just like the icons om homescreen if you add many widgets to your android homescreen then it will eventually make your android phone run slow. The widgets need to be frequently updated with fresh info and having multiple widgets on homescreen will consume high cpu and memory usage. Keep the widgets to minimum, to delete a widget tap and hold on a widget and drag it to the trash can.

 Keep only one Launcher app

There are many good launcher apps like Go launcher, launcher pro, adw launcher, on the android market which adds more appeal and functions to your android phone but be warned they also consume most of the memory and slow down android phone. You may try different launcher apps but should keep only a single launcher app installed on your phone, and if you use the default android launcher then there is nothing to do.

Remove live wallpaper

Interactive live wallpapers looks soo awesome on the android phone, but at a price. The android live wallpaper is another culprit which consumes the phone resources and makes your android phone slower. Phones with low specifications are affected by it the most, you will notice a lag during homescreen swiping. It is advisable to to switch to static wallpaper in such circumstances.

Other quick ways to ensure your Android phone runs faster

  •  Use a faster internet browser like Opera mini.
  • Analyse battery usage to know which app is consuming the battery the most.
  • Dont use batch task killer apps, android essential services will restart and eventually consume more resources.
  • Keep your Android OS upto date.
  • Keep android apps updated with android market, frequent improvements are made by developers to reduce resources consumption.

Its not necessary that you need to impliment all the above steps on a slow android phone , but as i said earlier it mostly depends on the specifications of your android phone. For example an android phone with a 500Mhz processor with a 256MB of RAM will most likely make your phone slow with increasing number of apps or specific apps which consume a lot of memory, you should make sure that your android phone has some free RAM to work smoothly.


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    Nice blog..!!!

    I tired the steps u've told..and it has surely made my phone faster by 30%.

    Thanks for the out of the box views for the android system..!!!

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