How To Set Google Chrome As Default iOS Browser

Google chrome for iOS was released a few days back at the Google I/O event. The Chrome has proved to be the fastest web browser on a computer and upon installing the iOS version of Google Chrome on iPhone we realized that it again deserves credit for being incredibly fast and providing a better web browsing experience on iOS.

The default iOS browser is safari which is good, there are also other web browsers for iOS which offer a better functionality and features, but the problem arises when a user open the links in mail or links in an app, they will only open in safari web browser and you cannot change the default web browser in iOS. This leaves alternative iOS browsers and Google Chrome for iOS practically useless, users can just use it to search on web and browse web sites directly.

Apple has its limitations on iOS which is for a better user experience on iOS but sometimes such limitations turn unfavourable for its users and they have no option other than to use Safari iOS browser for opening in app web links. Google Chrome for iOS definitely surpasses the capability of the default safari iOS browser and is worth using as an iOS default web browser. But how ? .

Set Google Chrome as a default iOS browser

I believe there is a solution to every problem, so if you want to use Google Chrome for iOS as your default browser then there is a simple trick which can enable this feature on iOS. There are two methods to set Google Chrome as a default browser on iOS , the first one is for jailbroken users and the second one is for non jailbroken users, though jailbroken users can try out both.

 Method 1 : For jailbroken apple devices

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is jailbroken then simply open up cydia and install the “BrowserChooser” cydia tweak. The BrowserChooser cydia app tweak is available for free from insaneyi repo ( and works only on iOS 5 versions.

After installing the “BrowserChooser” go to settings => BrowserChooser and check the Chrome to set it as a default iOS browser. Now whenever a user opens a link it will automatically open in Google Chrome iOS browser.

If you prefer a prompt menu every time on opening a link and then choose the browser then simply unckeck the Chrome in “BrowserChooser” settings. You will be able to select browser manually each time.

Method 2 : For all iOS users

Opening links in Google Chrome for iOS by default is also possible using a simple trick developed by Jon Abram called the iOS “Open in chrome” bookmarket. It is a small javascript code that a user needs to save in Safari bookmarks, tapping on this saved bookmark will transfer link to Google Chrome. The code is below.



  1. Copy the code above and bookmark this page in safari .
  2. Now open safari bookmarks, click edit and edit the just saved bookmark .
  3. Rename your Bookmark to anything like Open in chrome .
  4. Delete the URL in the bookmark and replace it with the above javascript code.
  5. Thats it!
Now your links can be opened in Google Chrome, if you open a link from within an app or email, it opens in safari, then hit the above bookmark to open it in chrome browser .
Any of the above methods can be used by a jailbroken user to set Google Chrome as default iOS browser while the regular users can use the second method.


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