How To Discover And See All Your Liked Pages On Facebook

Fan Pages on Facebook is a great way to get connected and stay updated with the latest news whether its a product, service, your favourite stars or a place. Facebook Fan Pages allows you to interact and share views with the other fans.

Users can visit the liked pages by simply searching the page in the facebook searchbar, but  it will be much better if you can see all the liked pages at one place.  The Pages on facebook allows you to access all your liked pages and also discover and like new interesting pages.

How to Discover and see all your “liked” Pages on Facebook:

1.  In the facebook search bar enter the term “Pages“, select “Facebook Pages“.

2.  A new “Discover Facebook Pages” page will open which allows you to discover and like pages from various categories like Music, Movies, Television etc. Simply click on the thumbnail to like a page.


3.  To see your own liked facebook pages click “My Pages” on the top right corner and you will be presented with a list of all your liked pages on Facebbook.

See which Facebook Pages, you and your Friends have in common:

On the right side of the Thumbnails you will see a list of  Friends which share the same Facebook Page likes as you. Click on the Mutual Likes to see the complete list.

Its so easy to check all liked pages and discover new pages on facebook, most of the users dont know how to check this, so dont forget to like Techx64 facebook page. Facebook constantly evolves, always making changes for a better social networking experince. Did you notice that facebook has made some privacy changes recently and introduced an Inline Audience Selector, check it out.


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