Is Your iPhone Showing Carrier Name But No Signal Bars ? [Solved]

Are you experiencing network problem on your iPhone?. Like you can see the network carrier name but no network signal bars on iPhone, let me tell you that its not a problem from the side of your service provider and nor there is a problem with your iPhone. Since i first got my factory unlocked iPhone 4s which was running on iOS 5.0.1 i have been facing the same problem. My friends and family were complaining that my phone was unreachable most of the time.

This was mainly because i often found the signal bars disappearing completely on my iPhone 4s though i could still see the network carrier name but i was unreachable to others at that moment and i could not even make calls or send sms. After googling the problem i found out that some others were facing the same problem so its probably not the hardware issue with my iPhone 4s.

The problem lies with the software, it is due to a bug on iOS 5 the phone shows no signal bars but still displays the network carrier name. I updated my iPhone 4s to 5.1.1 but still suffered occasional signal loss. Also i carefuly noticed that the network signal bars were fine if was at one place, the problem occurs only when i am on the move.

How to fix the iPhone no network problem

According to users who faced no network on iphone but shows carrier name there are many ways to fix this iPhone network problem. There is not a permanent fix but a temporary trick that should fix the problem for a while. You can try out the below mentioned solutions to fix iphone “no network” and “signal problem”.

  1. Try rebooting the iPhone.
  2. If it dint work do a hard reboot on iPhone. Press and hold the Lock button on top + the home button untill you see the apple logo. Dont worry you wont loose any data or settings.
  3. Still the same? Now this trick worked for me. Dial 112 and end the call now quickly turn on airplane mode and then off. Wait a few seconds till your phone searches for network. After a few seconds you will see full network signal bars on your iPhone.
  4. The last option is doing a complete restore from iTunes if you just cannot get back the signal bars. Backup your phone from iTunes and then restore, after that right click on the iPhone name on left sidebar and select restore from backup to restore all your apps and settings like before.
  5. Still no network on iPhone?. Time to contact apple.

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  1. Paul Watson says

    I’ve been experiencing this problem for months now. It seemed to be that whenever I got home (or somewhere with a wifi connection I’d previously used), the signal would drop and I’d have to go through the reboot process many times to get it back again. I noticed that when I got a loan-phone to try out while my other one was away being tested; it worked straight out of the box but the problem reappeared after I restored my backup over the top. I saw that after the restore my phone had many apps attempting to install and even more needing updating. I updated all the apps and haven’t seen the problem come back. Of course this could be a coincidence but I’m wondering if the problem is a combination of my phone trying to update/install apps immediately after reconnecting to a wifi connection. I’m monitoring the situation to see if this has really fixed it !!

    Good luck – it can be sooooooo frustrating.

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