Fix iPhone 4s Message Sending Problem After Unlocking With R-Sim [Solved]

Earlier i told you about the method to unlock iPhone 4s Sprint & Verizon using R-SIM, many users were successfully able to unlock their iPhone 4s but an unusual iPhone 4s message sending problem was faced my one of our readers.

After successfully unlocking iPhone 4s Sprint using out tutorial one of the users complained about the sms problem with R-Sim II. Infact he is not the only one facing such problem, many other users are experiencing SMS message sending with R-Sim II after unlocking. It shows message sending failed.

Thanks Tushar! ur tutorial save me from a ton of headache. Am using the R-sim II Ultra S. my problem now is – – can’t send SMS messages. Any suggestion? Cheers

Why cant send sms messages after unlocking  iPhone 4s with R-Sim?

He further explains why he cant send sms messages and managed to find a temporary working solution to send sms messages with R-Sim II which is still a hassle.

Actually, the problem with sending SMS message lies in the use of country code.

Under normal circumstance, when our friends or somebody is calling you even locally…+ country code & mobile no appears. Tendency is we save that contact number as it is. It will look like this e.g. +978 55 XXX XXXXX. Ok that is the caller ID part – calling (no worries) & receiving calls (if mobile is saved without country code, Iphone cannot identify the caller).

With SMS message I DO NOT use the country code (i.e. +978). I use the local number i.e. 055 XXX XXXX. this way SMS will be sent.

The problem with this procedure is that a single CONTACT should have 2 contact numbers (1 is with the country code & the other 1 is without the country code–for sending SMS)

I need a solution wherein I can use a single contact number only either with the country code or not. hmmmm. help please =)

Will wait for your suggestion. by the way mine is from SPRINT.

The Solution to fix iPhone 4s message sending problem on R-Sim II Ultra S Auto

The solution to the iPhone 4s message sending problem is easy, you dont need to edit your contacts to remove country code. As mentioned above the iPhone 4s message sending problem arises when you sms your contact who’s number is saved with country code, after which it displays message sending failed error. The following solution may work for some users who can see the option of International assist on their iPhone.

Option1: Go to Settings => Phone => Turn International Assist Off and reboot iPhone. This should fix your iPhone 4s message sending problem unlocked with R-Sim.

Option 2: If the International assist did not work or does not show such option on your iPhone 4s then try the method below to fix iPhone 4s message sending problem.

Open the Dialpad => dial *#5005*7672# and press call.

It will display a message on screen “Setting Interogation Succeeded, Service Center Address, +(country code with a number)”. In my case the sms service center number is +91983709995 as shown in the screenshot which is correct.

In your case this number may be incorrect, you need the correct sms service center number, call the customer care and ask for the sms messaging service center number.

Now you need to update your sms service center number manually. Dial *5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER#. So for example if my service provider is BSNL here and their sms service center number is +91941709997, then i would dial *5005*7672*+91941709997# and press call to update. Dial *#5005*7672# and press call again to confirm the new number is updated.

Now you should be able to send messages from your R-Sim unlocked iPhone 4s.

These steps should fix R-Sim unlocked iPhone 4s message sending problem.


  1. Jet says

    hello tushar, i followed both options and the updated option 2 but sad to say now i can't send SMS (even using the contact no. without the country code,,,), need ur help

  2. Cheema says

    I m using Iphone 4s 5.0.1 sprint with jv sim but Im facing problem in message sending and cellular data instead of cellular data network. Please help

  3. Mimi says

    HI!! Please answer me. I tried doing the whole *#5005*7672# thing and I got "Setting Interogation Succeeded, Service Center Address, +7" So, I tried *5005*7672*+12063130004# and it gave me this message: "Setting Succeeded Service Center Address No Address" … So I had no idea why it did that. I think +12063130004 is T-Mobile's service number isn't it? Reply ASAP!

    • techx64blog says

      Hello Mimi, i think the sms service center number you have is right, and it should work, however you should still confirm the number with the customer care. Try the procedure 2-3 times it should work for you.

  4. Lucas says

    Hi. My iphone is on ios6.0.1 and i cant send a sms with my country code (Brazil). I can only text with local area code. I need to use 2 number in my contacta, one to call, other to texting. I try your 2 solutions, i turned off dial assist and i put a correct smsc and still not working. My iphone is sprint locked. Thanks.

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