Facebook Introduces Inline Privacy Controls And Simplified Settings

Facebook has recently been working to bring some privacy changes. Not all faceook changes work out as expected as users get annoyed when they dont like that change. For example users still prefer the old facebook chat, the new facebook chat is less buggy but the old chat was more convenient.

Yesterday i saw a ticker in chat bar which showed you activity updates of your friends and now i noticed inline privacy control buttons are added to set privacy on the go. The advanced facebook privacy and security settings are essential to maintain facebook privacy and keep your facebook account safe but the inline privacy control buttons lets you adjust privacy of your timeline instantly.

New Facebook Privacy Profile Controls And Features:

Facebook has made easier for users to manage and control their privacy in a new way. You dont have to navigate to settings page every now and then to tweak your privacy settings.

  • Control your privacy before and after posting updates:

Facebook has added new inline audience selector which allows you to control visiblity of profile info and also when you update your status or post a photo. Earlier you could only select the visiblity only when posting an status update, but now you can even change it even after you share something using the inline audience selector.

You will notice a privacy control button right next to anything you share, choose who you share with and change it whenever you like, notice that the the label “everyone” has now changed to “Public” to make the settings more understandable.

  • Review tags before they appear on your profile:

This was a much required feature since it gets annoying sometimes when your friends tag you in an unwanted photo and your notifications get flooded with comments then you would have to manually delete the tag, very inconvenient.

Now facebook has made this simpler, you can optionally enable the tag review feature which allows users to approve or reject tags before its visible on your profile. You can also approve or reject a tag if some other user wants to tag you in a photo or a post and if you want to remove an exisiting tag then you can either choose to remove it or request the owner or tagger to remove the content.

  • See how your profile appear to your friends:

New button at the top of your profile so you can see how your facebook profile appear to others.

  • Tag who you are with or What you want to talk about:

Earlier you could only tag a person if you we friends or tag a facebook page if you have liked it, but now you can tag people who are not on your friends list and let them know that they are in one of your photos. If the other non friends tag you dont worry, the new review tags feature will come in handy.

The status update area also shows a button to add friends who are with you when you update your status and check into a location.

  • Tag Locations in Posts:

Earlier “check in”  using places feature was only available on smartphones . Now you can choose to check in and add location to status updates, photos or wall posts from PC.

Let the world know where you have been or where you want to go. The old places feature on smartphones and the related settings will soon disappear.

So these are some useful changes made by facebook which will roll gradually in coming days. It shows that facebook is using its recources to ensure privacy on facebook and make sure the users are safe.

Meanwhile the locations and who are you with feature are already visible on my facebook profile, let us know if you see any of the above features enabled soon. If you have any queries or suggestions on the topic do share with us in the comments section below.


  1. belinda says

    There is a SERIOUS problem with the new privacy settings: the settings are not private- they are visible to your audience- check it out and see! The people who can see your wall post/ status update can see who else you've allowed/ blocked in terms of that post!! That's a really big problem! I've checked the walls of several friends, and I can see (by hovering over the icon) who they have/ haven't shared with for "customised" posts. Unbelievable!

    • Tushar Agarwal says

      Hi belinda, i checked it but i dint notice any such glitch for the customized posts. When you hover over the profile icon after using "view as" other user, beside the post it randomly shows friends of that person, its not related to sharing privacy.

  2. belinda says

    Thanks for your reply. However, I have checked (again) on several on my friends walls, and can say for sure that the little "audience selector" icon that appears next to each status update/ wall post, and if I hover over it, it says (for instance- if the friend is "Karen"), "Karen's friends". I hovered over one that said "Karen's friends except…. (names of 3 people)". I checked several walls, and this was definitely the case ie. the audience can see who the account holder has allowed (or not allowed) to view the post.

    It looks like the information that you could previously see on your own wall, when hovering over the padlock icon- except this is now visible to others. That's a big privacy glitch!

  3. belinda says

    PS. Thanks for your article, by the way. There isn't much information out there about all this, and Facebook "Help" isn't much help!

    • Tushar Agarwal says

      Yes i have noticed it now.I hope they fix the glitch soon.

      Thanks for commenting , always a pleasure to interact with the readers :)

      Do like our facebook page and subscribe via Email for future updates.

  4. Ian says

    The 'View profile as…' button has always been there on the privacy settings page but has now disappeared. It does not show on my profile page as you show

    • Tushar Agarwal says

      Hello Ian, Now you get an option to select an individual friend, to know how your profile looks to that person. The button will show up only when you are on your profile page.

  5. Ruth Slimmer says

    Noticed Inline Audience Selector On My Feed Page And Profile. I Do Not Like It. Prefer The Old Way Of Putting A Status. Can,t See Where It Is Any Safer Either. How Can I Delete The "INLINE AUDIENCE SELECTOR" ? Have Tried Several Settings—-Nothing Works—Just Do Not Like It—Cannot Put Status On As Usual.

    • Tushar Agarwal says

      Hello Ruth, the inline audience selector will be a common and basic feature available to all users, it cannot be disabled. You can update your status as usual there should not be a problem with that.

      The default settings are public if you wish to restrict future status updates you can change it to friends or make it custom using the inline audience selector.

      • sheryl says

        this feature is bugging… I want the old system back… No one can access my wall now… why can't you just teach people to create a group for everyone and have that set to who you want to see your profile… and then as new people come in they can adjust the settings for those other people… i want to disable this feature because I've tried everything and can't seem to get my wall back… truly annoyed…

        • Brandi says

          I can see the posts and pics I put up, but no one else can I have checked that friends are allowed under privacy, but they still cannot see anything??? Not at status or on my wall????

          • Tushar Agrawal says

            Hello Brandi, in the status update area your privacy must have been set to "Only Me". Select "Friends" from the privacy controls button.

  6. Ruth Slimmer says

    Just Wanted To Add. Would Be Nice To Inform FaceBook Users Before U Make These Changes. I Do Not Care For The NEW Chat Or INLINE AUDIENCE SELECTOR. Not All My Friends And Family Have The Inline Audience Selector. Ruth Slimmer

  7. belinda says

    Tushar- thanks for your help; facebook doesn't provide ANY assistance- just makes these changes without proper explanation or warning- and they affect "old" posts (eg those updates/ photos that were customised to exclude certain people have now gone to all friends/ public etc). So privacy is definitely worse, not better.

    I am leaving facebook for this reason, but in the meantime, I want to make my wall totally "private"; do you no how to do this now? I've read lots of comments (on the fb blog) saying this is no longer possible with the new functions. Previously, if you went to "share" (for a new post)- then chose "me only"- then "make default", your whole wall could go (temporarily) to a private setting. Now, it looks as though this must be done post-by-post…. but I have thousands of posts! Any tips?

    Thanks for you advice.

    • Tushar Agarwal says

      Hello belinda, you are right, i checked every option but as of now there is no way to make your wall private, you can do so only for individual posts using inline control and this is soo uncool. Facebook should look into this. Sorry i coudnt be of any help here :(

  8. belinda says

    Thanks for checking- and replying.

    These changes are REALLY bad; they have totally compromised all of the privacy of existing posts/ photos by cancelling the previous settings AND compounding it by not allowing the account owner to make the wall hidden (which could at least solve the first problem, to an extent). Plus the fact that the audience can now see how the owner customised. I am SO ANGRY (in case that wasn't obvious from all of my comments here).

    Where's the accountability? I have already read other people's comments on the facebook blog, saying they have had issues with friends finding out they have been excluded from content, or friends-of-friends now seeing (private) photos etc. I have personally had old "limited audience" posts which have now been seen by friends who were excluded; facebook doesn't even care- there has not been a single response to these complaints and problems, or any attempt to fix them. And I thought theses guys were meant to be super-smart! the whole thing is a great promotion for Google plus!

  9. TRACEY says

    I've noticed the same thing as Belinda , despite how many attempts to change your privacy settings , regardless what you pick, me only or my favorite custom to a certain set of friends, you click on the preview profile as and type in a freind that didn not previously have access now has access, what's worse click on blue word public to see how the public see's your profile and I be damn your wall icon is visiable to the left column, click it and it opens up your wall for everybody, I hope that little nerd computer geek Facebook's Creator Mark Zuckerberg can fix this problem, soon before millions close out their account !!!!

  10. Ruth Slimmer says

    For The Past Few Days Have Not Been Able to Post Status Or Update Photo. When I Click On Anything To Do So—Page Turns White. Cannot See words. This Is Very Annoying. It Is Useless And Time Consumong For Me–Frustrating. Why Can,t I Go Back To Previous Update Status And Upload Photo. If Not—I Cannot Enjoy FaceBook.

  11. Omar F says

    I can't use Inline Audience Selector. I read that It has a lot of problems, but I want to Try it. There is a way to enable it?

  12. Michelle says

    How do you stop some friends from seeing your wall posts & what you write on other peoples walls? I ONLY want some friends to see my status'. This is a stupid application & unsafe.

    • says

      Hello Michelle, many users are facing the same problem. There is no way to control the privacy of the posts universally. You will have to manually select privacy of your post on your own or friends wall from the button below text box for new posts, and for the older posts, each and every wall post privacy will have to be changed from the inline audience selector.

  13. Blake says

    I blocked people from seeing my profile such as pictures and wall post but now i cant unblock them ever sense facebook changed. It lets me see who i have blocked when i go to my profile and click on the custom button next to the pictures im tagged in but it doesnt let me unblock… how do i do it?

    • says

      Hello blake, this should help.
      Go to Privacy Settings > Blocked people and apps > Manage Blocking > Add friends to your Restricted list > Edit List. Remove friends which you wish to unblock.

  14. Kitty says

    Im having real trouble trying to make my wall private from the public, I went on my sisters account and checked, she's not my friend on facebook yet she can click on my wall and everything that I have written is visable to her, how do I change this, its potentially REALLY unsafe.

    • says

      Hello Kitty, Every post that is public in privacy controls can be viewed by anyone. Remember that when you post anything on your wall select "Friends" from the privacy control to restrict your updates only to your friends.
      Also you will have to restrict past public posts. Go to Privacy Settings > Limit the Audience for Past Posts > Limit Old Posts.
      Hope this helps.:)

  15. Maria says

    This is not working.

    I edited the "how Tags Work" settings by selecting a customized list and when I write a name (that is not in the customized list) in the "view profile as" button, he/she can see pictures tagged by others anyway.

    HELP! I do not want some people to see my PICS!!!!



    • says

      Hello Maria, you need to restrict that albums privacy. Open that album, click edit album on top, now under privacy control box you can customize who can see or not see the photos in that album.
      Let me know it it works as u wanted :)

  16. lazaros says

    Hello to everyone,i have a problem with my photos on facebook.Before months i blocked other people see my photos and i was able to see them…But now i want to unblock them but the edit button that is near the photo albums and profile pictures is missing!!!Can you help me please?:)

  17. KAIFI Ali says

    Who ever the admin is can u plz tell me tat whn I post something on Fb y don't it shows via iPhone like it shows whn u post anything through a blackberry… N plz it's my humble request tO mr Mark plz bring back tat via iPhone tat was Kool but as it is now ummmmmmm em a lil upset :'(

    • Tushar Agrawal says

      Hello Kaifi, you are right i have too noticed that this feature has been disabled on facebook for iOS, now it just says via facebook mobile. Hope we get to see it back soon.

  18. Christine Bishop Rou says

    Ugh…I just realized why no one is commenting on my posts, they are set at private…How do I go back & make all my posts available to my friends? I have tried but cannot figure it our :(

  19. J says

    I personally do not like the inline audience because it shows everywhere you post, every page you like, and every friend you added. Why would other people need to know all of this? It's too open and I do not want everyone viewing all of my activities on there. Even if I select my posts to only me no one can see the posts. There isn't even an option to disable the inline selector which pretty much sucks and I don't want it. We have an option to change our original profile to the timeline, how come we're forced to keep an inline audience widget? It was fine to be before this was added. Makes me not even want an fb page…

  20. Chris says

    question about the inline audience selector: Does this mean that my friend can set it up for me to see only certain posts on his wall? I can't see every comment, picture or post?

  21. Zohaib ahmed says

    i can't share anything with public because ther is no option of public in the inline audience selector!!!!!:(

    • Tushar Agrawal says

      Hello zohaib, there should be a pivacy selector button just below the facebook status update bar, you can set your privacy as Public from there.

  22. margaret dickie says

    I set my privacy settings on PUBLIC, and when each thing is posted on my wall that I want to change from friends only (as it automatically appears) to public, public is no longer a choice………even though my privacy setting is PUBLIC. Even though I set everything to show public….nothing does, nor does it enable me to select public by each post on my wall. I have friends who I am not friends on FB with but I know the like to see my wall posts, but now cannot. Pls Help. Margaret

    • techx64blog says

      Hello Margaret, You should set the default privacy to Public from the Privacy Settings. After which all you status updates will appear as public. You can also control privacy for individual updates using the facebook inline privacy control button on your timeline.

  23. Dave says

    SERIOUS privacy issue here. If I go to my timeline I can't change individual items using the audience selector anymore. I can't set it to only me or custom, it only gives me the option to unlike/delete post! I want to keep the posts/likes but NOT have them broadcast on my timeline, i.e I only want them visible on my friend's profile's , on the post I've commented on /liked and NOWHERE else! It seems anything you post uses the setting you set on your last post as default – instead of a default to 'only you' (not share) , or 'friend only' which you could overide for each post you post, SHOULD you wish. Plus your friend's profile settings will override your's it seems. So if you like/comment on their photo and they are sharing with the world, they you will also be sharing with the world! anyone know a solution to this? (apart from deactivating your account)

    • techx64blog says

      Hello Gia, you can hide profile photos from public by setting the albums privacy. A privacy control button is available besides each album.

  24. DEANNA says

    when I try to add a photo to the status or just photo, it says "this app does not have access to your photos or videos"! It also says you can enable access in Privacy Settings! I have tried everything on the Privacy Settings and still cannot get it to work!

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