Facebook Desktop: Get Facebook Notifications On Your Desktop

Earlier we wrote about Adobe AIR based Facebook Desktop Chat Application called “Socialbox“, hope you loved it. Today we bring you another free application which pops facebook updates right on to your desktop.

Facebook Desktop is a great application for those who like to check for their Facebook Updates frequently or are just lazy to open a browser and login to facebook. With Facebook Desktop installed you never have to open your browser again, get your friends updates straight to your desktop.

Facebook Desktop is a very light weight application that notifies you of facebook activity in real time, it pushes your facebook news feed right on to your desktop. You get pop-up notifications whenever something new gets posted to your stream, it even notifies you if you receive a friend request or a message from a friend. If you want to update your facebook status simply right click on the facebook icon in the tray and select Update Status.

“Bring the experience of Facebook straight to your desktop without the need for a browser!  No more checking online for updates or new stories.  Have them pushed straight to you!
Just open up Facebook Desktop, and stay connected all the time!”

Advantages Of Using Facebook Desktop:

  • Get messenger-style facebook notifications when new items get posted to your feed.
  • Pause and resume updates when you want.
  • Modify which notifications you want to receive.
  • Stay up-to-date with your friends in real time!
  • Update you Facebook Status.

Facebook Desktop is a Adobe AIR Application and supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

How to Install facebook desktop :

  1. Install Adobe Air
  2. Then go to facebookdesktop and click on Download Now
  3. Follow the installation instructions, and you are ready to use it, just need to sign in once and forget logging into you facebook account frequently.

Watch the Facebook Desktop promo video:

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