Download Windows 7 Cursor Themes & Replace Windows Aero Cursor

Today i will share with you some windows 7 cursor themes that will make the windows mouse pointer look different and stylish. When it comes to desktop customization, we generally change the windows 7 themes, wallpapers, windows 7 gadgets and icons. But the most used mouse pointer is not given any importance. So why not theme the windows cursor and experience the cool change.

By default a user gets five kinds of windows 7 cursor schemes which are:

  1. Windows Aero
  2. Windows Black
  3. Windows Inverted
  4. Windows Standard
  5. Magnified

The pre installed windows 7 mouse cursor themes are very basic and the only change in the mouse cursors other than aero cursor theme are the different color schemes. They are not as trendy and unique if you are a desktop customization lover.


Download Free Windows 7 Cursor Themes

Well you dont have to use the pre installed boring cursors, you can make it cooler just like the rest of the desktop with custom windows 7 cursor themes. The custom mouse cursors do not require any software utility installation or any alteration in files. Its a simple one click installation, let me show you how.

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Download the cursors from the links below and extract the folder in the zip file anywhere on the desktop. Inside the folder look for Install.inf.
  • Right click install.inf file and click install. This will opent the windows mouse settings. Now select “Pointers” tab and select the mouse cursor scheme you just installed. Enjoy!
  • The mouse cursor themes are also compatible with windows xp, vista & windows 8. The installation method remains the same.


 mL-Blau Cursor

A Windows 8 inspired mouse cursor theme. Download Here. A smaller version of the same is also available here.

Klemma Cursor

Download Klemma cursor regular and a mini version.

Coal Cursor

A cool animated black cursor. Download.

Trowel Cursors

A trowel looking mouse cursor sure look cool. Download.

B and S-2 Cursor

A translucent mouse cursor. Download

Snae Black Cursor




ShvagEvening cursors


These are some of the best windows 7 cursor themes selected by me. Hope you will love them.

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