Cool Android Clock Widgets

One of the reasons i love android in comparison to iOS is its ability to add widgets to the homescreen. Android widgets makes the homescreen soo productive and appealing, you can add an android widget for most of the android apps to the homescreen. You dont need to access that particular android app to get the app related info when you can simlply view all the information through the android widgets.

Of all android widgets a clock widget is the most important widget you will need on an android homescreen. Time has changed, nowdays users find itĀ convenient to look at their smartphone to check the time and date instead of a watch. Android users can choose among a lot of clock widgets to add to homescreen. Some like to have a digital clock while some prefer an analog clock.

Today i will share with you android clock widgets which are not just ordinary widgets, they are the most stylish and fancy android clock widgets that will add appeal to your android homescreen.

Best Android Widgets: Clocks for Homescreen

Digital Clock Widget : A simple android clock widget with displays a digital clock along with date, doesnt take mush space. You can change the colour of the clock, background colour and widget click action.
Sense Analog Clock Widget : One of the best android clock widgets which looks like the HTC sense widget. It displays Time,Calendar, system info, weather & forecast. Highly customizable with lots of skins to choose.
Retro Clock Widget : Among my favourite android widgets which features a clock and date / day. It animates with a filp action whenever the time is updated. Adds life to an android phone.
SiMi Clock Widget : A very popular android widget. Features a minimalistic clock and date along which you can display weather and battery stats. Highly customizable to match with your andriod phone.
Advanced Clock Widget : A small digital clock widget with date.Additionaly it can display remaining battery status, cellular network and wifi name, weather and alarm. The transparency of the widget is also adjustable.
Animated Weather Widget, Clock : Some android widgets never get old and animated weather widget, clock is among them. Add animated weather widget to your android homescreen with realistic weather effects in weather application. Features a clock and multiple scene landscapes.
Digital Clock Disc Widget : A very unusual disc shaped android clock widget. Displays digital time in center and analog time with the outside rings. If you are a tron fan, you will like this widget.
MIUI Spiral RED Analog Clock : Displays red spiral analog rings as current time. Its based on MIUI Rom spiral clock. Looks cool!
Minimal Clock Widget : A very beautiful and mnimalistic light clock widget for android. Makes your homescreen look unique.
Pixel Art Clock Widget : This clock widget is different from others, as the name suggests its an artistic decorative clock widget. You can even change the clock colour, good for a change.

These are the best of clock android widgets i have used so far, and its fun to shuffle them every once in a while, after all android is much about customization and personalisation.

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