Best Video Editor App For Android Phone

On my search for the best video editor app for android i came across VidTrim, which is not only a smart video trimmer for android but also a mp3, mp4 video converter.

I have always used my computer for video trimming and converting my homemade videos and with the powerful smartphones available you might be surprised to discover that you can do quite the same job on your android smartphone too. Your android phone is a capable video trimmer, editor & converter too as its basically a computer with the miniature version of the hardware a computer has.

If you record lots of videos or store a collection of movies and music videos on you android device then Vid Trimmer app will be very useful for you to clip videos, add effects and much more.

The best video trimmer app for android

video trimmer app android

The VidTrim android app is very user friendly with fast processsing speed, cutting a portion out of a video barely takes a minute. Here are a few useful things you can do with this great app:

  • Trim Videos – Cut out your favourite parts from a video and save it as a new file or just overwrite it.
  • Add video effects – Apply awesome effects to videos like black and white, glow, negate, pixellate, posterize, tint0r, edge detect, lum and swapUV.
  • Convert video to MP3 format – Lets you extract audio from the video to the mp3 files format. I have been using it to convert some of my music videos to mp3 and it works great.
  • Convert videos to Mp4 file format – Well you know there are a some video file formats which are not playable on android or they are too laggy. Thats because the video is not in a compatable file format, this option will convert a video to Mp4 format and also lets you choose the video resolution and picture quality.

mp4 video convert on android

When you have done the job with the video trimming or converting, share the video via email or upload it to youtube from within the app.

VidTrim Free Version vs Pro

android app to video convert

The Vid Trim android app is available as a free version and also a pro version. While the paid version gives you access to all the features mentioned above, the free version is also fully featured but a watermark is applied to the converted video and is ad supported, though video trimming & mp3 conversion is absolutely free.

Considering the great features it provides the free version worth using on your android device and like other android apps it doesnt restrict the functions so users can fully try converting & trimming videos before buying the VidTrim app.

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